Lost siblings found in the Amazon

A pair of siblings was lost in the Amazon. Their names are Glauco and Gleison. These indigenous children of six and eight years old were lost around the jungles of Manicoré, Brazil for four weeks. Which started with a bird chase and ended with the children being taken to the hospital this past Tuesday.

A man was felling trees when he found them malnourished 6km away from his home. They are from the village of Palmeira in the Lago Capanã. The children’s acquaintances were searching for them during this time. Due to the extreme rainy season in the jungle, it was a dangerous and difficult search. The search services officially ended on February 24th, but the locals continued their search for the boys.

The woodcutter was working, he heard a cry for help, so he followed the voice until he found the kids on the ground, weak and with scratches on their skin. The children told their parents that they did not eat anything during those weeks, and the only thing they drank was rainwater.
They were first transported by envoy to the hospital in the region. Thursday morning, they were sent by helicopter to the hospital in Manaus.

Reports indicate that this is not the first time people have been lost in the Amazon. Last year, pilot Antonio Sena was lost in the jungle for 36 days. And in 2008, another 18-year-old indigenous youth was missing for 50 days.

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