Lost Judgement Live-Action For TV

Guess what, baby. There’s another adaptation, and it’s Lost Judgement this time.

I’m a little late to this one, but Lost Judgement is in development for a live-action TV show. It’s a Yakuza spin-off that Sega published and Ryu Ga Gotoku developed. The action-adventure game has a lawyer that turns into a detective and has him investigating a serial killer case. The serial killer is targeting yakuza members and taking their eyes, so it’s pretty bad.

People loved Lost Judgement, so that means it’s good enough for an adaptation. Some of the investigation mechanics were criticized, but people still loved the story and world in the game.

Unlike recent adaptations, this one’s coming from Japan. Nikkan Gendai, a Japanese publication, announced that the show is in development at Asahi Television. There’s even talk of a movie, but it’s just a rumor. So only a television adaptation that’s in the talk.

The show will star Takuya Kimura, the same actor who voiced the main character in the game. This comes right after Kimura couldn’t agree on a potential third game. It seems that he wants to move away from the franchise, but who knows?

The Lost Judgement show will be Sega’s return to TV and movies. Yes, Sonic was a success and has its sequel coming, but they haven’t made anything else. In 2020, they teamed up with 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content to made a Yakuza movie adaptation, but we haven’t seen any news on that. While you wait for the adaptations, though, you always have the games.

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