Longvinter: Animal Crossing x Rust Survival Game!

For gamers who love multiplayer survival games like Rust but also adore the cute and bright style of Animal Crossing, Longvinter is the perfect game for you!


Longvinter is an open-world multiplayer sand-box game developed by Uuvana Studios that was released on February 24, 2022, for their Early Access launch on Steam.


Although this game features a cute design style similar to Animal Crossing with round and seemingly harmless avatars, the game introduces a rather intense survival mechanic.


The open-world map looks like Animal Crossing where players can farm vegetables, go foraging, and go fishing – except that PVP exists in Longvinter.


In Longvinter, players can team up with each other and go against other players in the open-world map where they need to survive on the island.


Mechanics such as crafting, farming, building, and trading are available other than PVP. Survival is essential in the game where players can lose Energy if players don’t have sufficient warmth or are under constraints such as Cold or Fire.


Like any other survival game, players begin by gathering basic resources such as chopping down logs from trees to build weapons, tools, furniture, and materials.


Other than building a base, players can also obtain weapons and artillery: guns, turrets, and ammo from loot boxes to defend themselves against other players. For a quicker option, players can purchase ammo from shops.


Trading and selling mechanics are also featured in the game where players can sell items to NPCs or Blue and Green vending machines. Unfortunately, trading with other players is currently unavailable although players can still drop items from their inventory.


Longvinter is an unexpected game release this year and is suitable for gamers who enjoy PVP open-world survival games that have a light-hearted design for a casual feel.

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