London Aquatic Centre: 29 People Were Rushed To The Hospital After A Gas Leak.


After a chemical reaction, a “high quantity of chlorine gas was released” at the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford. Paramedics rushed 29 people to the hospital.


This morning, emergency services attended to a “serious incident” at the site in Stratford and treated several people with respiratory problems. Around 200 people were evacuated from the facility, firefighters from London Fire and Rescue told reporters.


After more than 200 individuals were evacuated from the swimming pool, 48 people were checked out.


According to the GLL, which operates the London Aquatics Centre, the gas leak occurred when the facilities management business that operates the plant room received a supply of pool chemicals. Affected People were evacuated from the swimming venue, and the surrounding area was cordoned off.


“The emergency services were alerted, and some of our customers required medical care due to respiratory issues,” a GLL representative stated. We’re doing everything we can to help everyone who’s been harmed.


“We’re awaiting a response from the facility management company, LLDC, and emergency services on when the Centre will be allowed to reopen.” 


“This morning, we reacted to a serious incident at the London Aquatic Centre in Stratford, alongside colleagues from the London Fire Brigade and Metropolitan Police,” said Darren Farmer, gold commander of the London Ambulance Service.


“Thank you to all our teams who responded today, both at the scene, in our control room, and our firefighter and police colleagues.”


One individual was treated on a paramedic’s gurney, while multiple swimmers were seen being wrapped in foil blankets to keep warm while still wearing their trunks and goggles.


Workers in the area said they heard a fire alarm go off at 9.45 a.m., with people fleeing the Stratford venue with their mouths covered.


The centre was one of the primary venues for the London Olympic Games in 2012, with swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming all taking place there. It first opened its doors to the public in 2014.

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