Logan Paul’s NFT Gains Popularity on Social Media as Price Increases by 10,390%

Logan Paul– an American Youtuber and social media figure– recently witnessed an increase in the price of his ON1 force NFT collection by 10,390% after the loss of his $600,000 went viral on social media.

The ON1 Force NFT Collection was Initially Less Than $10

Logan Paul purchased the ON1 force NFT collection in August 2021 for more than $600,000 but the price decreased to about $10.

But presently, the NFT is worth 0.8 WETH which is equivalent to $1,052.59 on opensea.

A twist in Logan Paul’s misfortune took place after he made a post on snap chat that explained the incident and the loss of his $600,000.

After Paul’s post on snap chat, a Twitter account– @WallStreetSilv– became interested in the story and shared it with its followers. Then, a lot of crypto news platforms did the same emphasizing Paul’s NFT loss.

About 15 hours after Paul made his post on snap chat, the price of his ON1 force K4M-1 #03 NFT surged to $1,052.59 from 0.0038 WETH or $4.98.

ON1 Force

ON1 Force

Logan Paul’s Attempt to Resolve His Loss

In June 2022, Logan Paul also tried to resolve the situation by himself, and in line with this, he made a tweet saying that he bought an NFT collection for $623,000 and discovered that it was essentially worthless.

He added that he immortalized the NFT error by making the BUMBL3BEE NFT in his 99 originals NFT collection with an identical helmet and outfit.

Also, the helmet is worth $20K and was made within two months by the artist who made the Marshmello helmet.

At the time Paul made the tweet, the price of NFTs had dropped but in 2021 NFT artists and holders were very fortunate as the value of NFTs increased. The American Youtuber now has a BUMBLE3BEE-inspired NFT that is worth about $21,000.

Details of the 99 Original NFT


p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;text-align: justify;margin-top: 0.0pt;margin-bottom: 0.0pt”>The 99 original NFT consists of 99 NFTs made by Logan Paul with the help of a Polaroid camera for about 99 days. 

The NFT collection narrates the events that took place during their trip that lasted for more than 99 days.

In addition to this, the BUMBL3BEE  represents the third NFT in the collection, which displays the real-life events that occurred while boarding an airplane.

Currently, the DAO sum of the 99 original NFTs is almost $2 million.

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