Living Beneath The Waves


Why is the ocean important?


The ocean is our planet’s life. It covers around three-quarters of the earth’s surface and contains a lot of living species on our planet. It provides food for so many billions of people in the world.


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The health of the ocean has an impact on our lives. A part of our lives depends on how we care about the ocean.


We need the ocean for breathing. More than half of the oxygen you breathe comes from marine photosynthesizers. They contain chlorophyll to capture sunlight and use photosynthesis to convert it into the energy they need, producing oxygen as a byproduct. If the marine photosynthesizers weren’t around, we wouldn’t be breathing, so take a moment to think about it and remember that the ocean and its photosynthesizers are helping you out with every breath you take.


The best holidays are close to the water. When it comes to going on vacation, the ocean is a happy zone. It’s our life, our second home, it’s where we swim, surf, and chill, and it helps us connect with nature and each other.


It’s also a source of food for millions of people. Fish is one of the favorite meals of thousands of people around the world. Of course, not only fish, but seafood and some crustacea are there. They contain a lot of protein for people’s health, so thanks to the existence of the ocean, we can still eat a bowl of crabs in our favorite restaurant.


The ocean is not only vast blue water; there is a life of a hundred species under it. The ocean is not just home to us ocean lovers; it’s a home for the amazing different aquatic animals. When you sail across the ocean, you will see dolphins, fish, sharks, and much more. That is just what we see on the surface. There is more life below the ocean’s surface than on land. The number of yet-to-be-discovered creatures living in the sea could easily run into millions.

“dance with the waves, move with the sea, let the rhythm of the water set your soul free” – Christy Ann Martine.


The ocean is created for us. We are lucky to have it. Together we should protect and keep it safe forever, for our health, for us, and for our future generations.



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