List of The Legend of Dancing Queen! Who’s Your Favourite Bias?

Everybody knows about K-pop or K-pop artists that refer to the South Korean entertainment industry. Every group have their own choreography to show their style. Mostly, the main dancer just has taken more attention with their action and fashion. Here is the list of best dancer females of Kpop:

1.       Lisa from Blackpink

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This is girl is the main dancer of Blackpink and always charming with her charisma. She is a good rapper too. She had a solo debut on “Lalisa” and “Money” in 2021 included her Thai heritage and her visual is amazing.


2.       Momo from Twice

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She had insane flexibility and give powerful energy when performing. Momo has strong technique especially in tiny details even in small detail. Everybody calls her a “Dance Machine”.


3.       Seulgi from Red Velvet

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Red Velvet always has difficult choreography in their performance. Seulgi as the main dancer of this group has a good flow. She feels the music through her steps, eyes, and emotion. Seulgi can execute every single move perfectly.


4.       Yeji from Itzy

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Yeji is a rookie who has very sharp and clean moves in her performance. She can act like a robot when she uses her body completely. Her expressions feel like a sexy and strong woman.


5.       Hyo from SNSD

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She debuted as a member of the Girls’ Generation known as SNSD one of the popular girl groups worldwide in the decade of the 2000s. Hyoyoen is still now active in singing, dancing, DJ, and television personality. Since 2016, she has released some singles as a solo artist.

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