Life As A Digital Nomad Living Option

Life as a digital nomad offers the freedom to encounter new cultures and enjoy experiences at an economical price.


A digital nomad is an individual who works using online working, remote working, and flexibility of their profession or the nature of their freelance work.


To work when they want and where they want to, depending on each circumstance or profession.


It is necessary to be aware that working as a Digital nomad means you still have to work to earn money.


Nomad Living


For instance, as a digital nomad, I can afford experiences at literally a third of what I’d have to otherwise pay for in the UK (my home).


In Dahab, Egypt, monthly rent costs $30, and a 1-hour kickboxing session with a private trainer is about $8 instead of £15 (or $20)/hour for a single session in London.


A surfing lesson in Nazaré, Portugal, is priced at $28 for a one-and-a-half-hour session, whilst a 2-hour class in Devon’s local surfing spot Croyde, four hours away from central London, would cost about £38 (or $51).


During peak season, a single-day lift pass in Niseko’s ski resorts costs approximately ¥4,400 (or $38), while a 1-day lift pass in Scotland is available for £32 (or $43).


A posh one-bedroom flat in Mumbai, India’s ‘city of dreams, can be rented at $937 per month, whereas you would be able to rent a similar apartment for about £1,000 (or $1,353) per week in central London.


As a digital nomad, you can set your schedule at your comfort in addition to being able to see the world all at the same time.


You can also reduce your expenses by choosing to live in locations that cater to your cost of living, all of which are covered in the above examples.



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