“Licorice Pizza” to Introduce New Actors Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman

Fans of director Paul Thomas Anderson and fans of the sister band, Haim, may alike unite in the upcoming film unusually titled Licorice Pizza.

It’s uncertain how large of a role the L.A. record store, Licorice Pizza, will play in the film but what is certain so far is the plot involving Alana Kane (played by Haim’s sister, Alana Haim), and Gary Valentine (played by Cooper Hoffman). “Growing up, running around, and falling in love” in the San Fernando Valley of California in 1973.

If you love a good decade piece, look forward to this next Anderson instalment which is scheduled for a reportedly limited release on November 26th in select theatres and then available for wide viewing on December 25th. Depending on your Christmas Day plans this year, or even in the days following, Licorice Pizza already looks pretty promising by the nostalgic, playful scenes, characters, and the trailer itself. 

This will be Alana Haim’s debut film, which is also fairly exciting, and it will be interesting to see if she fully enters the film industry as an actor in future works.

Cooper Hoffman (son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman), as her co-star will also have Licorice Pizza as his debut film, playing a character based on film and television producer Gary Goetzman. 

In the film, Alana Kane is a woman in her 20s working as a photographer’s assistant who meets Gary Valentine when she works picture day at his High School. As the premise continues, they become friends and continue on various endeavours and adventures including starting a waterbed company, auditioning for films, and becoming involved in Joel Wachs’s campaign for mayor. 

Meanwhile, the political and cultural climates continue changing around them including a gas crisis. They also interact with figures from New and Old Hollywood.

The film overall looks to be a very exciting coming-of-age adventure.

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