Les Rallizes Dénudés, Ultra-Left Psychedelic Scenester of Japan.

The Ultra Left of Japan

In 1970s many ideological movement and choosing sides in many countries that’s divided into many sphere of left and right. Japan is also not shy when it comes to the far-left side of the action. With many student picking ideological side of each opposition’s; swaying the perspective through the course of history.

Movements of the Japanese Red Army and the "Yodo-go" Group
image source: National Personnel Authority of Official Japanese Governmental Body.

One of the most legendary act of this ideological left movement; came from the Japanese Red Army movement. Formed in 1969, Red Army having ties with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; describe more as an extremist group with violent tendencies and prone to defamation, and rioting. With now dubbed as ‘Tel Aviv Lod Airport Massacre’; led by Fusako Shigenobu, JRA or Japanese Red Army base their operation in Middle East.

Around the world, their commitment towards revolutionizing the political, social, and economical landscape; in turns them into a terrorism group with so much at stake, and more than just ideological statement. The overturn of the situation ended up in the disbandment of JRA in 2001 by Fusako Shigenobu; after a few chaotic action throughout the latter part of 20th century worldwide.

But the story of this tie-ins into the rabbit hole of historical occurrence, doesn’t just end there. With the major impact of the internet throughout the course of 2000s; during this era of openness of information starts to caught attention of many. Certainly, if not the most weird part of the things that we found in the internet; mostly true and posthumously mysterious. With that in mind, one of the affiliation of JRA has a more localized lore with the Yodo-Go accident.

Yodo-Go and Moriaki Wakabayashi

In 1970, the hijacking of the Japanese Airline Flights 351 or known as Yodo-Go by the ‘KYOSANDO SEKIGUNHA’; or best known as Red Army Faction of the Communist League. A Group of nine people armed with katana, steel pipes & bombs, took a total of 129 hostages, demand to take the plane to land in North Korea.

However, in favor of the weirdness that surrounds this piece of information. One of the people that assisted the hijacking of Yodo-Go; has ties with the very much elusive and mysterious band Les Rallizes Dénudés member, Moriaki Wakabayashi. The band itself has already been a oddment of larger sets of puzzle that absurdly fits its place.

With its musical history and the band profile muddled by the elusiveness and these kind of actions. As a result, the band having the potentiality of becoming the godfather of the underground power in music rose to fame; further than just a smudge over the weird part of the musical history. Les Rallizes Dénudés, just a nature intended it to be; consequently believed it to be the most mysterious phenomenon that ever happened in the world.

The naked suitcases, airheads, & Takashi Mizutani

Les Rallizes Dénudés, derived from the fake French slang term that came from the theater group Gendai Gekijo. In short, a bastardize version of its original words valises dénudées; which means literally ‘naked suitcases’. In the same vein, the band radical name, is in line with its creation, political affiliation, soundscapes, and its images.

Les Rallizes Denudes | Discografia | Discogs
image source: Rateyourmusic

With heavily French influenced by its theater, music, and philosopher movement. Les Rallizes Dénudés, aesthetically grew from the college life of Takashi Mizutani and its theater group and colleagues. In exchange with its inextinguishable spirit of defying, and revolutionizing self. Les Rallizes Dénudés, making it seems like the band was meant to flourish in the underground, will remains until the untimely disband.

With the band less than believable history, obscure sounds of harsh punk-ish sounds and bleak view of the world. Certainly, becoming more and more intrigued as i conduct on this deep dive into the band’s discography, and even its musical history. Despite all of that, Takashi Mizutani’s initial dream was to create more localized version of its rock roots sounds; and anti-government ideas to face the recent western ideas of Japan in the late 1960s.

Eroded to obscurity, melded into the background of absurdity

In the coming of year, the group actually receive the fame its due. 20 years ahead in terms of sound, make the discoveries of this band fuzzy and walls of repetitive cacophonous sounds; in tune with Mizutani own flair of perfectionist attitude, make the band sonically evolve and reach its peak by the year of 1997. In concise with its band disbandment.

As a result, the band itself has already reaching peak: so high, that it’s a really low footing of the underground. In regards to that facts, the band itself is achieving the legendary status amongst the underground. And receiving a tight cult following, post-internet era of the 2000s; respectively in Japan and abroad.

As i conduct on this research; in the midst of its peak fame among the internet based relations, and discoveries of old. Takashi Mizutani passed away in 2019. As 2021, the newly emerged website https://www.lesrallizesdenudes-official.com/, was made to commemorate the life and the legacy of its sole proprietor. Regardless, with its revolutionaries ideas, obscure history takes, and ideas. Les Rallizes Dénudés is one of the best that ever do it. Rest In Power, Takashi Mizutani.

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