Lemon Desserts That Are To Die For

Everyone needs a some zestiness in their lives every now and then, a little pizzazz. All you want after a meal is a sweet dessert to finish it off. This recipe is simple, quick, and straightforward to prepare ahead of time, and it’s perfect for after dinner.

1. Lemon Sorbet
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This silky four-ingredient sorbet is both sweet and tangy, whether eaten in chilled bowls or scooped into sliced lemon halves. It’s a really refreshing way to end any meal. Making lemon sorbet is similar to making a lemonade with an ice cream maker twist.

2. Lemon Meringue Pie 
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This pie could easily be a family favourite for everyone, you can never go wrong with this delicacy. It’s tough to refuse this pie with a delectable handmade crust, tangy and silky lemon filling, and fluffy toasted meringue topping. Every bite is a good bite.

3. Lemon Poppy Seed Bread
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None surpasses a timeless combination like lemon and poppy seed, and this version is particularly delicious. Top this loaf with a lemon glaze for an added punch. It’s simple to make and makes a delicious breakfast, tea time, or dessert, with or without icing.

4. Lemon Creme Brulee
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With a rich custard and a layer of beautifully bruleed sugar, it’s deliciously tangy. It’s amazing and not quite as difficult as it appears. These delectable custards must be topped and bruleed shortly before serving, but the custards can be made ahead of time and frozen until needed.

5. Lemon Bars
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Lemon bars are an oldie but a goodie, and it’s not a wonder that you constantly see them at parties and gatherings. They’re simple to make and flavourful. These lemon bars are easy to make but also sophisticated enough for a special occasion. They’ll be a treat no matter when you serve them.

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