‘League of Legends’ Reveals New Champion, Bel’Veth


Riot finally revealed the upcoming champion – Bel’Veth the Empress of the Void. The monstrous Empress with her terrifying presence is set to debut in Patch 12.11 on June 9 at 4 PM E.T.


The Void jungler is said to be a threat to Runeterra, where her sinister powers and omniscient knowledge are not to be messed with anyone – or any creature.


The commanding Empress takes the form of an enchanting human, before revealing a truly harrowing transformation into a monstrous creature of The Void.




Her abilities are focused on increased attack speed and her potential to snowball with shorter cooldowns.


  • Passive – Death in Lavender

Bel’Veth gains increased attack speed on her next 2 attacks after using an ability. As she’s a jungler, Bel’Veth also gains a permanent bonus Attack speed (Lavender stacks) after eliminating a monster or champion.


Although with faster attacks and no attack speed cap, she does not have reduced damage on her attacks and does receive attack speed when leveling up.


  • Q Ability – Void Surge

She dashes to one of four directions that deals damage to all enemies passed through.


  • W Ability – Above and Below

Slamming her tail, she knocks up and deals damage upon suspecting enemies – plus slowing them down. Once Bel’Veth hits an enemy champion, the cooldown is reduced for her Q ability – Void Surge in the direction of the champion that got hit.


  • E Ability – Royal Maelstrom 

This ability makes Bel’Veth channel a storm of slashes, which gains damage reduction along with life steal. Her attack speed scales along with the number of slashes. Each slash hits the lowest health enemy within her attack.


  • Ultimate (R Ability) – Endless Banquet

Her true form is unleashed when using her ultimate, where she gains “increased max health, out-of-combat movement speed, attack range, and total attack speed” and the ability to phase through walls with her Q ability – Void Surge.


Her passive allows targeting additional True Damage for every second attack against the same enemy. Every Champion and Epic Monsters leave a Void Coral to drop whereas Epic Monsters from the Void (Rift Herald and Baron Nashor) drop voidier Void Coral.


During her activity, Bel’Veth explodes upon consuming a Void Coral, which slows and deals True Damage to nearby enemies. Consuming Void Corals allows her to change to her True Form temporarily and for an extended duration upon consuming Void Corals dropped by Epic Monsters from the Void.


Minions that die within her range are reborn as “faithful Voidlings”.

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