League of Legends Releases New “Ocean Song” Skins & Chromas


Riot is releasing another set of skins this month, with another water theme similar to the popular Pool Party skin line that will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.11 along with the new champion Bel’Veth.


League of Legends is kicking off summer by expanding its water-themed skins from the pool to the vast ocean now and adding more champions that are relatively new to the Ocean Song skins.


The champions who have their Ocean Song skins include Ashe, Nidalee, Seraphine (plus a Prestige Edition), Yone, and Zeri along with chromas, summoner icons, emotes, and ward skins.


The Ocean Song skin features a theme where League of Legends champions is attending the Ocean Song Festival for a fun summer break decked with vibrant colors, metallic accessories, and rhinestone makeup.


Here are more details about the Ocean Song skins!


  • Ocean Song Seraphine (1350 RP)

Featuring a blonde Seraphine, she’s attending the Ocean Song Festival to perform on her seashell-themed Hextech music platform. Her prestige skin has pink hair with a dark ocean blue ombré with a mermaid-inspired outfit.


  • Ocean Song Ashe (1350 RP)

Rather than the usual cold-looking Ashe, we’re getting Ashe with pink hair and a fashionable outfit.


  • Ocean Song Nidalee (1350 RP)

Nidalee’s joining the festival with her eye-catching orange outfit and her platinum blonde hair with a blue ombré. Her cougar form also has orange fur and the same platinum white and blue ombré mane!


  • Ocean Song Yone (1350 RP)

Yone’s finally letting loose with funky glasses and a stylish hat as a DJ attending the Ocean Song Festival for a summer gig.


  • Ocean Song Zeri (1350 RP)

The newest champion isn’t missing out on the Ocean Song Festival with vibrant blue hair and a cool orange and purple outfit to spark some fun.

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