Lead Me Home: Homeless Epidemic Shown Through Personal Stories

A new documentary coming to Netflix on November 30th, Lead Me Home. It is set to feature various personal stories of hardship and struggle in the lives of the homeless in the area of the West Coast. It’s set to shape a picture of the homeless epidemic altogether and giving individuals close accounts of the increasing humanitarian crisis.

What are the different stories of these shown individuals who serve to represent in numerous other real homeless lives? How did they come to be in their situations of poverty, insecurity, and fear they have found themselves in?

An enlightening close look at real homelessness, Lead Me Home appears to be an educational tearjerker. With some deep messages about the social and cultural statuses and institutions that have led to. Perhaps even increased the likelihood of homelessness. Leading the struggle against it are also shown the individuals working to provide safe spaces, shelters, support, and ways out of homelessness.

The documentary short has been put together by Jon Shenk and Pedro Kos. They are reportedly capturing multiple perspectives of the homeless epidemic, immersing audiences in its realities through personal stories. Every night over 500,000 Americans experience homelessness and the inability to pay rent or suddenly losing all of your family support are the kinds of stories bringing these individuals to their current realities.

The illness and death tolls are now gaining more attention as the numbers keep increasing. What can we do to make a difference in the epidemic? Lead Me Home may give some new perspective.

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