LE SSERAFIM Debuts with “FEARLESS” Music Video

HYBE LABELS girl group, LE SSERAFIM just debuted their first official music video with “FEARLESS” posted this Monday (May 2).


The 6-member group features familiar faces like Sakura and Kim Chaewon who were former IZ*ONE fans along with Huh Yunjin who was a participant in Produce 48.


Meanwhile, the new faces are Kazuha, Hong Eunchae, and Kim Garam who are new to the K-Pop industry.


The music video itself shows their charisma and raw talent despite leaning to the simpler side with simple settings and backgrounds, such as a gym studio and the front of the “LE SSERAFIM” store as the most elaborate setting was with a huge crown fixture with dangling beaded chains.


The members wore simple and classy black and white outfits with minimal accessories, whereas the music video focuses on their choreography more.


The music itself featured a more subdued and quieter sound compared with other newly debut girl groups, which is a unique point of LE SSERAFIM.


Their “FEARLESS” debut showcase has already been live-streamed on HYBE LABEL’s YouTube channel and has garnered around 800,000 views already.


The debut showcase features a performance of “FEARLESS”, along with an introduction from all 6-members.


Their mini-album also titled FEARLESS has reached 380,000 pre-orders and 270,000 pre-orders within a week.


The FEARLESS mini-album includes a total of 5 songs:

1. “The World is My Oyster”


3. “Blue Flame”

4. “The Great Mermaid”

5. “Sour Grapes”


The mini-album is available to listen to on Spotify down below!


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