“LAYANGAN PUTUS” Indonesian viral tv Web series.

“Layangan Putus” is currently one of the most watched favorite webseries in Indonesia. Why is it quite hypnotize the viewers?

Layangan Putus promotional poster. ©WeTV and MD Entertainment. (source: IDNtimes).

Layangan Putus was on trending topic. was written by Eca Prasetya,  Based on her  true story. Almost every Indonesian watched this web-series, instantly when it came out. This web-series Produced by MD Entertainment and directed by Benni Setiawan.

The story of Layangan Putus opens up at when, Kinan and Aris was held the ceremony of Kinan’s second pregnancy. In this period Kinan know that Aris is having relationship with Lydia, a psychologist who takes care of Raya, the daughter of Kinan and Aris.

Lydia became the third person in the household of Kinan and Aris. Aris and lydia were so in love each other, and they cant be stop their affair. At the end of the story, Kinan, who finally finds out about Lydia and Aris’ affair, chooses to divorce and Aris married Lydia. 

Lydia & Aris. ©WeTV and MD Entertainment. (source: WeTV).

The story of the affair in the kite breaking up is actually not the new one topic in Indonesian webseries. Even though the background is a about the true story life. 

The “hot” scene which often appears in so, making the story look more attractive.

Aris & Kinan. ©WeTV and MD Entertainment. (source: WeTV).

A few weeks after the appearance of “layangan putus ” it was  immediately grabbed the attention of the Indonesian people. To make some psychologists or social observers speak up.

They say that one of the effects of a breakup kite is the emergence of suspicion between their partners. Infidelity and divorce is an old phenomenon that often occurs.  This condition is also directly proportional, to the strong patriarchal culture in Indonesia.

So have you ever to saw the webseries, Layangan Putus, then?

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