Las Vegas Fashion Week? No, it is the BTS Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas!


The 4-days Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas has just concluded. It was not just an ordinary concert. Instead, it was a full week of festivals. Bellagio Fountain attraction, ‘Behind the Stage’ exhibition, BTS-themed room at Las Vegas hotels, a pop-up store at Area51, everything is all about BTS for the last two weeks in Las Vegas.


It has been a tradition for people to dress up comfortably when coming to a concert. But for the BTS concert, an outfit is one of the most awaited things to see.


From day 1 to day 4, there are a lot of outfits shown by the BTS ARMYs. Some of them were cosplaying BTS’ stage outfits and the others were wearing a cute concert outfits.


Let’s take a look at some of it!



2 cool 4 skool is BTS’ debut single album that was released in 2013. These girls are wearing an outfit that looks very similar to the one that BTS wore during their debut days back then in 2013.


Debut photo


BT21 is something that cannot be separated from BTS. These cute characters never missed any BTS concert. There are a lot of fans that are using BT21 accessories such as headbands, bags, beanies, and so on. Just like these girls, they are wearing a BT21-themed skirt with Mang, Shooky, and RJ on it. BT21 is a collaboration between BTS and LINE Friends in which the characters were made by BTS themselves.



Recreating a BTS outfit is one of the most popular concert outfit ideas. These ARMYs were recreating BTS outfits from some occasion. Music videos, stage outfit, and even outfit that was worn by Jungkook during their Run BTS (variety show).



Looking cute and cool at the same time? This outfit is the right answer. The red and white accent is just like BTS’ PTD on Stage first segment outfit. It matches the atmosphere, looks great, and yet is still comfortable to wear.


And finally, this is a compilation of BTS ARMY’s concert outfit for the Permission to Dance on Stage in Las Vegas.


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