Language Translator Websites &Amp; Apps Other Than Google Translate

Language Translator Websites & Apps Other Than Google Translate 

Until now, there may still be many internet users worldwide who use Google Translate as an online translator tool. As it turns out, there are plenty of other online translation tools you can use!

Until now, Google Translate is still updating features to improve the quality of its translation services. Such as voice and text recognition features in the form of images. Google Translate already has a database of up to 103 languages globally, including regional languages in Indonesia such as Sundanese and Javanese.

There are several alternative sites and applications from Google Translate that you can translate foreign language texts with accurate results. Here’s a list and an explanation:

1. Bing Translator

Not wanting to lose to Google, Bing also issued a translation site called Bing Translator, one of the best translation services besides Google Translator. Compared to the accuracy of the results, Bing Translator is more accurate and adequate in some cases of translating sentences than Google Translate.

There is also a feature to enter the URL of a site in a foreign language and want to be translated. Of course, this feature is very easy and practical. To use it, please visit the Bing Translator site directly at

2. Microsoft Translator

Furthermore, there is Microsoft Translator, which provides two versions, namely business and personal. This application is available in Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. You can translate illustrated text, screenshots, voice, and written text into more than 60 languages.

The translation results that you get can be downloaded in documents that support offline reading. Microsoft Translator is also available on smartwatches or smartwatches.

3. Reverso Translation

Reverso Translation is software made by Softissimo Inc. This alternative translator of Google Translate is available in application and website versions. You can use it on Mac, iOS, and Android.

Consists of complete features of word-by-word and sentence-per-sentence translations to synonym and conjugation information. This translator app allows you to look up idiomatic phrases and suggestive words when typing text. Unfortunately, Reversero does not support Indonesian translation yet.

4. Lingue

Linguee is a translation service that has been around since 2009. Here you can translate a single word or sentence supported by more than 25 dialects. You can use the Linguee translator site offline.

Unfortunately, this site only supports a few languages ​​such as English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and others. The Linguee translator site still doesn’t support Indonesian translation.

5. TripLingo Translator

TripLingo is one of the best translator applications widely used by foreign tourists. This app lets you learn essential phrases and translate voice notes very quickly.

In addition, TripLingo features short courses on local culture when you travel to different countries. In addition, there is also another interesting feature, namely the 911 emergency service. This application supports voice and text-based translations in more than 42 languages.

6. Translate Dict

Translate Dict is an online translation website that may sound quite unfamiliar to some people. However, this site provides services almost the same as Google Translate. With this site, you can translate several available languages ​​into the language you want.

Translate Dict is supported with Voice Translator and Text to Speech features. If you want to try it, please visit the website directly at

7. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate has almost the same appearance as Google Translate. This translator site is also trusted as the best translator site that provides accurate results. Yandex Translate itself comes from Russia.

You can use it to translate words, sentences, documents to URL sites in foreign languages. Yandex Translate also has a feature to translate words in an image or photo.


There is another translation site that is no less accurate! Namely This site offers translation services from a foreign language to the desired language and other translation services.

Here, you can translate text, text on images, and sound. If you want to translate a foreign document, please take a photo and upload the photo to the site. Automatically, this site will read it and translate it.

9. iTranslate

iTranslate is a translator application developed by Sonico Mobile company. This application provides text translator features, websites, search words with meanings, and verb conjugations from more than 100 languages.

This application was created to support all types of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Google Play, and Kindle Fire. Here you can translate anything by typing text or speaking it via voice to voice.

Finally, there are translator applications other than Google Translate, which are cloud-based. This application supports its users in translating words safely and smoothly. This software or software offers an intuitive translator feature for users.

That’s the recommendation for an online translator application or site other than Google Translate, which is certainly accurate. Hope this will be useful!

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