Kunihiko Morinaga Creates Designs Out of This World

Put on your space suit and explore the outer reaches of fashion with Kunihiko Morinaga.


The moon over tiled roofs at night, castles in the sky, and celestial bodies – space is one of Kunihiko Morinaga’s favorite subjects. The Japanese designer has created a collection that resembles a fashion space suit. It includes outerwear, a jumpsuit in silver-gray lamé, and an astronaut-like hat.


The space-age fashion of Morinaga is unlike anything you have ever seen. Inspired by space, the designs seem to come from another planet entirely.


“The moon is extraordinary, and the stars seen from it are the earth. The earth is every day, and the stars seen from it are the moon. From the earth to the moon. From the moon to the earth. One piece of clothing connects the stars,” said Morinaga.


Kunihiko Morinaga is one of Japan’s most distinctive, forward-thinking, and influential fashion designers. He began working on the “unreal-age” theme in 2003, resulting in his avant-garde label ANREALAGE. The ideology of his brand stems from a desire to make apparel that is not influenced by trends but rather seeks self-expression via art and crafts.


His attire is simply out of this world in terms of creativity. His unique creations are more than simply clothing; they are works of art that represent the splendor of space, space suits, and the moon. Although his pieces may appear as garments, they are in fact sculptures made for wearing. Each piece is hand sewn with fine materials such as leather, silk, wool, and cashmere. The result is high-quality couture art that is both wearable and sculptural in its appearance.


These spacesuits transformed into fashion will turn heads whether you are on the Moon or Earth! Check out his designs for yourself:


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