Korean Movies to Cry Your Eyes Out!

South Korea is famous for the quality of its movies. Korean movies attract a lot of audiences because this film succeeded to bring the audience to explore the story in the movie. Some people think that South Korea has a very high-quality sad genre movie. This movie will be able to make the audience feel sad and cry throughout the movie.

 Here are some movie recommendations that can make you cry:

1. Hope (2013)

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Based on a true story, the movie Hope was a success for the audience to cry their eyes out. This movie is based on the true story of a little girl who was sexually abused and experienced severe trauma.

The story begins with the appearance of a happy little family. Having a beautiful and smart 8-year-old daughter named Sowon continues to the happiness of the family. But one day, a tragedy struck this small family. On her way to school, Sowon was raped and beaten by a drunk old man.

As a result of that incident, Sowon suffered from a very severe trauma that made her refuse to meet an adult man who reminded her of the rapist, so Sowon also refused to meet her father. It was challenging to get rid of the trauma. Sowon also stopped talking with people around her. Her father finally dresses up as Pompompurin, Sowon’s favourite cartoon character, to get closer to his daughter.

The life story of Sowon and her family, who tried to rise from adversity, seems to have succeeded in knocking on the hearts of movie lovers. Phenomenally this movie achieved the best movie predicate in the 34th Blue Dragon Awards.


2. My Annoying Brother (2016)

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My Annoying Brother shows the story of an ex-convict who just released from prison and re-enters the life of his younger brother, who is blind due to an accident.

Go Doo Shik (Jo Jung Suk) is a con artist who is currently in prison. He tries to get out of jail by taking advantage of his brother’s condition, Go Doo Young (D.O. ‘EXO’). Go Doo Young is a former judo athlete who suffered a head injury and became blind.

Go Doo Shik begs the prison officials to let him free to take care of Go Doo Young. Prison officers are consumed by Go Doo Shik’s shrewdness in lying. They agreed to release him on parole for only one year. After being released, Go Doo Shik ends up living with Go Doo Young. However, their relationship did not really get along with each other.

Instead of taking good care of and treating his younger brother, Go Doo Shik often ignores him. Luckily there is Soo Hyun (Park Shin Hye), a judo coach who keeps on giving. Doo Young is excited. However, even though Go Doo Young and Go Doo Shik often clash, they actually love each other.

The movie, which was released on November 23, 2016, succeeded in recording a global gross of 19,162,324 US dollars.


3. Silenced (2011)

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This movie is based on a true story at Gwangju Inhwa School, where a deaf student was the victim of repeated sexual violence for almost five years in the 2000s.

The story of the movie Silenced begins when a teacher named Kang In-Ho (Gong Yoo) is assigned to teach at a special school for deaf students in Mujin City. In-Ho is very passionate about teaching his new students. The rejection shown by his students did not make In-Ho give up. He kept trying to get closer and show his interest. Slowly, the students at the school began to open up to In-Ho.

In-Ho begins to see a bad thing in the school when one of the students complains about immoral acts and acts of violence committed by unscrupulous teachers to female students. In-Ho begins to give warnings to these teachers and tries to find solutions to the problems encountered by the students who have been sexually assaulted. In-Ho, who is assisted by Seo Yoo Jin (Jung Yoo Mi), one of the staff at the school, tries to uncover the incident, even though the school officials are trying to cover up the case.

This Korean movie has won many movie awards, one of which is Best Film at the 3rd Korea Film Awards Ceremony 2011. This movie received an award from the Audience Award at the 2012 Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy.

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