KOF XV’s Latest DLC Introduces Team Samurai Shodown to the Roster

SNK finally dropped their newest DLC for King of Fighters XV on October 4th, this time featuring 3 of the fighters in Samurai Shodown, another one of SNK’s original fighting game franchises. Revealed in the recent EVO 2022 alongside future DLCs, some of their interactions and gameplay was shown quite early to the public.

Representing Team Samurai is Haohmaru, the easy-going protagonist of Samsho in white who wields a katana, Nakoruru, a young nature girl and common mascot of SNK (that isn’t Terry Bogard), and Darli Dagger, a shipwright carrying the biggest blade among them and a newcomer in the 2019 Samurai Shodown. The fourth DLC to be released for the game, each character will have special interactions with other characters from the roster, including DLC ones. This wasn’t the first time that other fighters from SNK’s titles joined KOF, especially Nakoruru, who was playable in KOF 95 and XIV. Other titles include the likes of crossovers like Capcom vs SNK. Fans have speculated on how Team Samurai managed to join KOF XV’s timeline (as SamSho was set in the late 1700s), but there are explanations as to how they managed to coexist in a modern setting; which would unfortunately count as spoilers, if elaborated any further.


p class=”MsoNormal”>Still, it is great to see more characters from SNK’s other titles, which hopefully initiates the revival or the inclusion of fighters from more obscure games made by SNK. We’ll have to wait and see if they’re any good for the players, but one question remains: in a tournament where fighters have no weapons and rely on unarmed combat prowess (minus a certain bojutsu practitioner), aren’t blades a little too lethal?

(Images sourced from KOF XV’s Team Samurai Shodown trailer)

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