Kitty Cat Resort – A Game You’ll Fall In Love With!

Another cat game is here! Kitty Cat Resort is a free game developed by FatherMade where you can raise your own litter of adorable cats in a resort on your very own island.

Kitty Cat Resort is an idle game where you don’t have to actively play, which allows a very relaxing and casual game that you can enjoy from time to time. Although it’s an idle game, there are still tasks for you to complete such as petting your cats and filling their food bowls.


Source: Kitty Resort | Facebook

While recruiting and raising cute cats, build your island to be the perfect paradise for your cats. You can build villas to expand your resort and craft items, such as toys for your cats to play with. You’ll begin with an empty island and you can start constructing facilities, for instance, fishing spots and cat houses.


Source: Kitty Cat Resort | Google Play Store

By saving in-game currency to improve facilities in your resort, you’ll attract cute cats in no time. You can even watch your cats interact with the toys. Die from utter cuteness from watching them sunbathe under the umbrella, ride a floaty, and fly with balloons attached to them.


Source: Kitty Cat Resort | Google Play Store

 Other than that, invite your cats to do fun activities, such as going fishing with them! You can also dress them up in adorable outfits – an adorable straw hat, a yellow bucket hat with a matching yellow backpack, a floral crown, wigs, and many more!

To gain more money, you only need to click and tap – as well as do quests to upgrade your facilities. As of now, the game is free with in-app purchases so you can enjoy it every time.

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