Friday, December 3, 2021

“Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts” : A Post-Apocalypse Animated Adventure

The beautiful colors are stand alone in the TV series, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, but the reality of post-apocalypse are fascinating in and of themselves,  especially when the main character is driven from her isolated underground shelter at the start. All the characters are colorful and intricate to behold visually but the true uniqueness of the show is in the creative plots taking place in rushing sewers, overgrown forest cities, and the abandoned buildings speaking to a long lost civilization. 

The blue, four-eyed pig becomes the first life encountered by the main character, Kipo, and the moment just serves as the beginning of many truly endearing drama sequences mixed into the action of discovery and newfound identity. The surprises also expand to fast transitions of creature discoveries and industrial action.

There are many other creatures and exotic spaces to behold as well as crazy experiences and distinctions in this particular version of post-apocalyptic life itself. Kipo comes across other people on her journey, such as Wolf and another human, Benson. The mixture of forest and abandoned urban life will also keep you on your toes and guessing, especially when confronted by mobster frogs in suits chasing from a limousine and other so-called wonderbeasts abounding. 

On her episodic adventure, what else will she uncover about these odd surface lands? What is the reality of Kipo and her beloved as well as begrudging companions just working to survive and thrive under newfound conditions? The artists’ passion of the colour purple is obvious, but all of the scenes in this extremely inventive animated work are visually appealing.

Kelsey Thomas
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