Kingsman Director Wants To Reboot Wolverine

Matthew Vaughn, director of Kingsman, said he would love to reboot Wolverine; with a younger Logan and push the story in a different direction.

Vaughn not only director Kingsman, but he also helped out with 2011’s X-Men: First Class that received fan’s hype and interested after X-Men: The Last Stand. As he did with Charles Xavier, Magneto, and Mystique, he wants to bring a young Logan to the big screen.

Hugh Jackman played adult Logan all the way back in 2000 until the character died in 2017’s Logan. In all of his movies with the X-Men and his three spinoff films, the writing for Wolverine has relatively stayed the same, but Jackman is the big reason people love him. Most people would agree that Jackman was a great Logan, and Vaughn wants to tell a younger story of that character.

“There’s only one that I didn’t get to play with properly, and I would have loved to. Hugh Jackman was so good and did such a good job doing it. But to cast the young, the reboot, that would be fun, I think. And it could go into such a different direction where Hugh took it as well. I think Hugh knocked it out of the park, but I think out of all (all of the X-Men) that’s the character that weirdly, I don’t know why I get drawn to. Yeah, Wolverine,” Vaughn said in an interview with

Wolverine has returned home

Now that Marvel has the rights to X-Men back, Kevin Feige said the mutants are coming. However, we don’t know which ones. Many fans would love to see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine, but his story has been told, and he’s been killed off. It would be best if they stuck to new and maybe less known characters. Hey, maybe they could open a portal and bring X-23 into the MCU. Who knows?

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