Kim Seon-Ho Shed Tears During A Press Conference And Apologized To His Fans.

Kim Seon-Ho, a South Korean actor, was involved in a controversy involving a false abortion allegation made nine months ago by his ex-girlfriend.

The 36-year-old celebrity read aloud from a handwritten message during his first press conference on Wednesday (July 20), which was held after the controversy broke.

He hadn’t been seen much since October and hadn’t returned until July 8 in the play Touching The Void.



At the play’s press conference, he stated, “I am a little apprehensive and feared I would speak incoherently, so I put this down.” I hope you can understand with open hearts.”

The play’s two-month run has already been fully sold out.

The drama is based on the true account of two British mountaineers who conquered Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes despite certain death.

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, he sobbed and said, “I’m very sorry for the unpleasant news that has brought worry to many people.” I’ve looked back on my history and thought about my behavior. I’m sorry to my team for undermining their efforts; I’ll try to improve. “

Ms. Choi Young-Ah, Kim’s ex-girlfriend, had wrongly claimed that he had forced her into having an abortion, but images of their text exchanges ultimately cleared him.

Seon-Ho made his television debut in the 2017 Korean drama Good Manager before becoming well-known as “Good Boy” Han Ji-Pyeong in the popular 2020 drama Start-Up.

The run of “Touching the Void” ends on September 18.

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