Kim Sejeong and Nam Yoon Su To Star In “Today’s Webtoon”, a “Sleepeeer Hit!” Remake


Nam Yoon Su and Kim Sejeong will star in a new drama “Today’s Webtoon”. The drama is a Korean remake of “Sleepeeer Hit!” which was popular in Japan in 2016.


As reported by Osen via Naver on Tuesday (March 29), “Today’s Webtoon” is a Korean drama that tells the story of On Ma-eum, a former judo athlete who joined a webtoon company.


As a new employee, she struggles to become a professional webtoon editor. This drama will also describe the competitive world of work in South Korea which is very competitive. In the drama, Kim Sejeong will play the role of On Ma-eum, a contract employee at a webtoon company. She eventually became a permanent employee after overcoming all odds.


Meanwhile, Nam Yoon Su will play Koo Joon Young who grows into On Ma-eum, who honestly pours his heart and soul into everything while reflecting on himself.


Recently, Kim Sejeong starred in “A Business Proposal” as Shin Ha-ri, a researcher at food company GoFood.


Meanwhile, Nam Yoon Su has also recently completed his role in “The King’s Affection”(2021) as Lee Hyun. He is the cousin of Lee Hwi (Park Eun-bin) who is known to be wise and mature. He has also starred in several other dramas, including “Not A Robot” (2019), “Extracurricular” (2020), “Birthcare Center” (2020), and “Beyond Evil” (2021).


“Today’s Webtoon” is directed by Lee Jae-eun and Kim Young-hwan. Meanwhile, the drama script is written by Cho Ye-rang and produced by Binjiworks of Studio N. “Today’s Webtoon” will air in the second half of 2022.

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