Kim Ji Soo and Park Seo Joon Are Supposed to Star in a Film Together!


Rumor has it that BLACKPINK’s Kim Ji Soo and K-DRAMA actor Park Seo Joon are joining the cast of the new drama “Perfect Admirer.” 


While little information has been provided on the genre of the show, many predict it could be in the romance genre due to the title name. These predictions are likely accurate since Park Seo Joon is known for playing the lead in romantic comedies.


The worldwide known singer Kim Ji Soo made her acting debut in the romance show “Snowdrop” in 2021, consequently securing several fans due to her splendid acting skills. Nevertheless, acting alongside Park Seo Joon will further increase her fanbase and help create a bigger name for her in the K-DRAMA industry (alongside the K-POP industry).


As the rumor continues, big stars such as Lee Sung Kyung, Shin Min Ah, and Lee Yoo Mi are expected to co-star in the drama. Be that as it may, K-DRAMA fans are most excited to see Kim Ji Soo working with Park Seo Joon since the two are highly admired personalities from two different industries. This combination of artists is expected to secure the success of the show, and will likely surpass Kim Ji Soo’s “Snowdrop” drama.


We cannot wait to watch the two stars in one show! Are you as excited as us to watch “Perfect Admirer?”

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