Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers Met Impossible Expectations and More!



Kendrick Lamar’s 5th Studio album “Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers,” which was released earlier this month on May 13, has had the biggest first-week listens of the year. And on top of that has hit number 1 on the billiards top 200. The year has been great for music with Jack Harlow’s “Come Home the Kids Miss You” the week before on May 6. Unlike Jack Harlow, Kendrick’s release is unique due to his hiatus, which started in 2017 from the release of his 4th studio album ‘Damn”.


The anticipation for “Mr. Morale and the big Steppers” has been tremendous, to say the least. Kendrick Lamar is considered “Goated” within the Hip Hop community. Kendrick has received many accolades over his career, including 14 Grammy Awards.



The achievements of his 5th studio album go beyond the sales, with many regarding his latest efforts as on par as his other releases.


For example, the most popular modern music critic, Needle Drop, claims Kendrick’s overarching message comes together better than his previous record, “Damn.” Within a collab with the twitch streamer HasanAbi that “Mr. Morale and the big Steppers” is, in his opinion, better than his 1st and 4th Studio album, that being the excellent introduction to Kendrick style “section 80” and the purgatory-like nature of “Damn.”


“Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers” is still smashing records. The Album is so deep in allegories and themes that its hype and importance will be continually measured for the foreseeable future.

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