Kenan Thompson Shares Holiday Plans

Saturday Night Live star, Kenan Thompson, has revealed his plans over the holiday.

“I need a break! I think I’m going to hit Florida up and just relax. That will be nice. I want to do a lot of giving. I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot of people have helped me in the times where I have needed them,” he told E! News.

The 43-year-old actor and comedian has a sweet outlook on this time of year.

“I look forward to everyone’s attitudes getting a little bit better, you know what I’m saying? Everybody getting into the spirit, you know, not just the spirit of giving but the spirit of appreciation and appreciating those around you and family and just remembering the simpler times when you were a child and stuff like that. Seeing the wonderment in children’s eyes.”

Thompson also spilled what it was like to have Billie Eilish on the set of SNL recently.

“So good, she’s so nice and so beyond talented, it’s amazing, like, she locked in and, you know, everything didn’t just come super easy… but she never gave up,” Thompson praised the soon-to-be 20-year-old pop star.

As for his own sitcom, Kenan, he teased the upcoming season.

“Expect the funny, you know, and expect the entertainment of it all. I want it to be a great half an hour of people’s times.”

“I want some crossover elements too like I want The Rock to come on to the show. Us to go on that show for some reason, that would be fun,” he revealed.

The second season of Kenan is set to premiere on 3rd January 2022.

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