Keep Your Bread Fresh With These Tips


Bread is a versatile treat enjoyed by a great number of people around the globe. Whether eaten alone or with a spread, it is mostly enjoyed in the morning although it can be eaten at any time of the day or night for that matter. The global snack is made of flour, yeast, and water as the chief ingredients and other supplementary ingredients like sugar, butter, or milk.


Unfortunately, the best bread is the one that spoils quicker, which is why a lot of people wonder how to keep bread fresh and soft for a long period of time. While a lot of bakers have taken to adding preservatives to bread to make them last longer, there are also a couple of ways to keep bread fresh. The following are some of these ways.


  1. Freezing. Freezing bread loaves is probably the best way to store bread in that they’ll retain their original state of crusty exterior and soft interior. And what’s more, bread can be frozen for two to three months. Just put your bread in an air-tight bag and throw it into the freezer. You only have to reheat the bread in an oven when you’re ready to eat it. It is a good idea to cut the bread into small consumable portions before putting it in the freezer so you don’t keep freezing and defrosting the whole loaf of bread. This will only spoil the bread more.
  2. Wrap in foil or a paper bag. Storing bread in a paper bag or wrapped in foil and kept on top of the counter is a helpful way to preserve the bread. Although this method traps moisture which will make the bread crusts suffer, your bread will definitely last longer.
  3. Put it in a bread box. Another good way to keep bread fresh and soft is to store it in a bread box. A ceramic bread box allows for proper air circulation and keeps the bread moist.


It is best to keep bread away from heat, or sunshine. Avoid storing bread in wet places as this speeds up molding.

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