KDramas Based On Webtoons


Did you know most Korean dramas you have watched are based on webtoons?


Webtoons are online comics with beautiful drawings and various narratives, similar to manga but uniquely Korean. Webtoons have become so popular in Korea that an estimated 60% of the population reads them!


Most successful Korean television series are based on webtoons since they are less expensive to produce and have large fan bases. They take the original webtoon’s storyline and add aspects, places, and changes to make it fit their program. As more people read the original text, they will be able to enjoy the same experience in different ways.


Here are some of our favorite KDramas based on webtoons:


KDrama/Webtoon: True Beauty

When you compare True Beauty’s webtoon characters to their live-action drama equivalents, you’ll discover that they’re almost identical. This webtoon series/K-drama attempts to communicate the concept that true beauty is on the inside. Jugyeong does go from bullied girl to beautiful goddess, but only by concentrating on her inner ideas and feelings, which are universal. So the title, True Beauty, reflects the story’s moral: inner beauty is more essential than physical beauty, and our Jugyeong is certainly attractive.


KDrama/Webtoon: Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class, a Korean drama, is a worldwide success. The drama revolves around a group of misfits who start a restaurant in Seoul’s trendy Itaewon neighborhood. They are surrounded by a colorful bunch of people that assist them with their professional and personal lives. The Netflix series was adapted from Jo Gwang-Kakao jin’s webtoon, and it is one of the most successful webtoons on the site, and the series went on to become one of Korea’s highest-rated dramas.


KDrama/Webtoon: Tomorrow

Choi JunWoong slips into a coma and ends up as a member of the underworld’s Special Crisis Management Team in the K-Drama “Tomorrow,” which is based on a webtoon of the same name by RaMa. Although the webtoon and K-Drama are not identical, none of the alterations significantly impact the plot.


KDrama/Webtoon: A Business Proposal

The latest K-drama based on a webtoon by HawHwa and Perilla is Business Proposal. It’s a romantic comedy about an ordinary office worker who dresses up as a gorgeous friend to go on a blind date with her boss to terminate an undesirable marriage. However, things become tricky when she falls for him as well. From behind the screens, this K-Drama has us laughing and obsessing.


How many of the following webtoons did you read? Let us know.

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