Kdrama “Uncanny Encounter” Confirms It’s Season 2!


Season 2 of the Netflix kdrama series “Uncanny Encounter” has been confirmed, featuring the same cast as season 1. It is known that the previous work’s primary characters, such as Jo Byung-Gyu, who portrays “Somun,” a high school student with supernatural powers, Yoo Jun-Sang, Kim Se-Jeong, and Yeom Hye-Ran, will also appear in the next season.


When the drama first aired, it was recognized as a unique Korean hero drama and was extremely popular. As a result, the production team, led by producer Yoo Seon-Dong, decided to extend the drama to a second season.

The production team plans to cast a new actor as the demon who will lead the central axis of the story. In Season 1, Choi Kwang-Il and Lee Hong-Nae were cast as demons and received an explosive response from the fans.

In this way, the new season will present us with a double dose of fresh appeal actors by bringing an old face from the previous season and an actor who is yet unknown to the front.

However, the filming date has been postponed because Jo Byeong-Gyu and Kim Se-Jeong are filming their following films one after the other as they establish themselves as home theater stars throughout Season 1.

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