K-Pop Songs for Your Workout Playlist

Who says working out can’t be fun? If you’re a K-POP fan, put these into your workout playlist for even a better and hype session! 

Also, a recommended Youtube fitness trainer: growwithjo! She specializes in ‘walking from home’ workouts. Her workouts are low impact and these tunes are really good to jam out during workouts with her!


GOT7 has great tunes for working out but this gets you really hyped out like no other. 

Left & Right – SEVENTEEN

Seventeen is the king of bops and Left & Right is a fresh tune for you to dance to.

Pretty Please – Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang has been releasing nothing but bops. This one is a great song for you to work out to. It’s hyped and it has the right groove for you to move your body to. 

Rollin’ – Brave Girls

Every K-POP stan knows how great of a tune this song is! Hurry and put this in your workout playlist now. 


Even with its angsty tune, this never fails to hype me up during a workout session. 

Airplane Pt. 2 – BTS

BTS’ old tunes are such a vibe to workout to. Airplane Pt 2 puts you in such a great mood that your workout session will fly time by. 

So What – LOONA

Want to feel like a girl boss? Simple: listen to LOONA.

You can’t sit with us – SUNMI

This is such a great song to dance and workout to and it puts you in such a great mood. 

Touch my Body – SISTAR

A 2nd generation classic, this will get you hyped up!


Yes, another Seventeen. It wouldn’t be a workout playlist if HIT wasn’t in it because this one even gets Seventeen to move harder than they have ever in their lives! It should inspire you to do the same. 

What You Waiting For – SOMI

Every Somi song is good but this for working out? It will be a great sweaty session for you because it’s just perfect.

I Wanna Be – KEY, Jeon Soyeon

KEY will never miss on giving us bops. This one is just perfect for your workout session. The Soyeon featuring is also great.


Sorry, another Seventeen. Aju Nice is probably in everyone’s playlist and it is great for a mood booster. It will get you in a sweaty, dancing mood.

Queendom – RED VELVET

Ending with a Red Velvet note, this fun summer song will also get you in the right mood for working out. 

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