K-POP Songs for Your Winter Playlist!

Fill Your Winter Playlists with these songs from various Korean artists! 

November is coming to an end, and soon it will be December also known as the ‘winter season. We are often greeted with harsh storms and cold from the winter. One of the things that keep us warm is the presence of family and friends but most of the time, it’s the music that accompanies us.

With warm voices and melodies from artists such as Jonghyun, Epik High, and IU, bands such as Day6 and The Rose, and OSTs from Heize and Sondia, we bring you the warmest songs to keep you company for your winter. 

Here are some of our song picks to warm your winter. 

  1. Where the sea sleeps by DAY6 (Even of Day) 

  2. Hi spring bye by IU

  3. Snow Flower by TAEMIN

  4. Lullaby for a cat by EPIK HIGH

  5. Take Me To You by GOT7

  6. With You by the Rose

  7. Yours by JIN

  8. Can You See My Heart by HEIZE

  9. Grown Ups by Sondia

  10. Smile Flower by SEVENTEEN

  11. Rain and You by Lee Mujin

  12. Spring Day by BTS

  13. Universe by EXO

  14. When A Long Night Comes by Eddy Kim

  15. Love Is So Nice by Jonghyun

  16. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow by AILEE

We hope that you enjoy these song picks and that it will keep you warm in the coldest of nights. Here is a ready Spotify playlist for you convenience. Stay safe and healthy this winter season!

What are your go-to winter songs? 

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