K-Pop Music Videos with Dark Concepts That You Have to Watch


As generations pass by in the K-Pop industry, K-Pop groups can use old concepts and recycle them into their special rendition, keep the timeless classics, or even come up with new and fresh concepts that were never thought of before.


However, dark concepts fall into one of the archetypes that are heavily favorited and loved by fans from all K-Pop groups and idols.


A “dark concept” can be interpreted in different ways by different groups and idols. From dark aesthetics and an eye for dramatic flairs, such as black eyeliner and grunge outfits, to dark meanings behind the music video with symbolism depicting dark themes; murder, mental illness, or the supernatural.


From dark mafia concepts to vampire concepts, here are dark concepts that you should watch!


Red Velvet – “Peek-A-Boo”



This music video takes the cake with the “dark concept” as it follows a femme fatale concept. Starting with an all-red outfit and a creepy house, an unfortunate pizza delivery guy gets trapped in the creepy house with 5 murderers as its residents.


Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me”



The music video features a paranormal investigator who’s investigating a haunted hotel with the members as ghosts haunting the haunted hotel.


EXO – “Obsession”


EXO shows us an electrifying look, with a bold grunge outfit and dramatic hair and eye makeup. The music video explores the meaning of toxic obsessions and alludes to the feeling of pain caused by them.


ENHYPEN – “Given Taken”



A supernatural concept with horror elements, the members of ENHYPEN become vampires from the Victorian era and experience an unsettling transformation.

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