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K-pop Idols Who Contracted COVID-19 in September – November 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting the world for nearly two years. South Korea is one of several countries which had a rapid increase of positive cases in the earlier days. The increase was caused by “Patient 31”, who attended a Shincheonji Church of Jesus’ gathering in Daegu. South Korea got praises from the world regarding the country’s epidemic controls program in handling COVID-19 without a massive cities lockdown.


With the best-organised epidemic control program, South Korea’s entertainment industries still could run, one of them being the K-pop industry. The K-pop industry applies the government’s COVID-19 protocol guidelines to prevent COVID-19 spread between K-pop idols, which is crucial since K-pop idols have tight schedules to follow. 


However, although K-pop idols already followed COVID-19 prevention protocols, the possibility of getting COVID-19 is still there, especially from outsourcing staff or relatives. Here is the list of K-pop idols who contracted COVID-19 in September – November 2021.



image source: BELIFT Lab

(Image source: BELIFT Lab)

In early September, six of seven members of ENHYPEN were confirmed positive with COVID-19 after being in close contact with a positive case on the production site. Sunoo was the only one who wasn’t get infected by the virus. All the members had recovered and released their new album.



(Image source: Allkpop)

All members of N.Flying were positive with COVID-19 after three of five members were experiencing health problems symptoms and took a test using rapid detection kits. By September 16th, all of them had recovered from COVID-19.


Ex-IZ*ONE An Yujin

(Image source: Kompas)

Starship Entertainment confirmed An Yujin positive with COVID-19 a week after Jang Wonyoung, her labelmate, was diagnosed with COVID-19. The singer showed symptoms of sore throat and fever. An-Yujin had recovered from COVID-19 and currently preparing for re-debut.


Dreamcatcher’s Gahyeon

(Image source: Allkpop)

On September 19th, Gahyeon’s label announced she was tested positive after experiencing health problems and took a detection test. 


ASTRO’s JinJin

(Image source: CNN Indonesia)

Fantagio Entertainment released a statement on September 20th regarding JinJin, who was confirmed positive COVID-19, and other members who had crossed paths with him tested negative.


A.C.E’s Jun and Chan

(Image source: Pinterest)

Jun had crossed paths with a positive case on September 30th and tested positive after he experienced minor symptoms of COVID-19 on October 4th. His member mate, Chan, was also diagnosed with COVID-19 while in self-isolation on October 8th.


SF9’s Dawon and Hwiyoung

(Image source: Soompi)

Dawon and Hwiyoung PCR tests came out positive after they had been in contact with a positive case. Other members’ test results came negative, and both Dawon and Hwiyoung were in isolation.


Super Junior’s Shindong

(Image source: Soompi)

Label SJ explained that Shindong had been in close contact with a confirmed positive case. His PCR test result came positive on November 11th. According to Label SJ statement, Shindong had not been crossed paths with any Super Junior members. 



(Image source: Soompi)

On November 25th, YG Entertainment announced that Lisa was tested positive for COVID-19, and the other members were tested negative. Her management further explained Lisa result came on November 24th ahead of her schedule, and she was asymptomatic. 

Wishing for a fast recovery for them!

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