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JYP New Boy Band ‘Xdinary Heroes’


JYP Entertainment introduces a new addition to the family. 



On November 7th, JYP shared a video teaser titled Xdinary Heroes is Coming through a newly opened Twitter account @XH_official. The next day, a Naver article revealed JYP‘s new boy band is on the way to debut, and the group is called Xdinary Heroes



From November 14th to November 9th, JYP introduced the members of Xdinary Heroes. There are six members in total. The first member to be introduced was Jooyeon, followed by Ode, Gaon, JunHan, Jungsu, then Gunil. The group’s name and its slogan, “WE ARE ALL HEROES”, carry the meaning that anyone can be a hero. 



JYP Entertainment revealed that their new group would be in a band format on November 21st. Before Xdinary HeroesJYP already has debuted a five-member group with a band format called Day6 in 2015. Currently, Day6 focuses on solo member activity since two members are serving for their mandatory military service. 



Through performance videos shared by JYP from November 21st to 26th, the label unveiled the members’ position in the band. Jooyeon as bassist, Gaon and JunHan as guitarists, Jungsu and Ode as keyboardists, and Gunil as a drummer. On November 28th, JYP announced Xdinary Heroes‘ debut date and single, along with Jooyeon’s photo teaser.



The group’s debut single title is Happy Death Day, and they will debut on December 6th. Through Xdinary Heroes‘ official Twitter account, the group will hold a debut showcase. Their debut showcase is going to be broadcast live on V LIVE and YouTube at 5 PM KST.


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