JYP Introduced Members of New Girl Group Set to Debut in 2022

JYP Entertainment is home to 2PM, TWICE, Day6, Stray Kids, and Itzy. It was established in 1997 by a Korean solo singer, Park Jinyoung. JYP Entertainment is one of the BIG 4 South Korean entertainment agencies with HYBE, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

JYP is known for its girl groups. Each girl group under JYP had succeeded in their careers. Wonder Girls, with their hit single Nobody, managed to enter Billboard Hot 100 in 2009. Miss A’s debut single, Bad Girl Good Girl, brought Miss A to win the grand prize trophy Song of The Year in Mnet Asian Music Awards 2010 just five months after they debuted. TWICE became the first artist to win Song of The Year in Mnet Asian Music Awards consecutively for two years (2016-2017). Itzy got their first win in the Korean music show nine days after their debut with the single DALLA DALLA.

On July 9th, through an official Twitter account @JYPn_official, JYP announced they will debut a new girl group in 2022. JYP first introduced the first three members on August 6th through a cover choreography video. They are Jinni, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. On September 3rd, JYP introduced Sullyoon as the fourth member. Bae, the fifth member, was introduced on October 8th. The sixth member is Haewon, who was revealed on November 5th. JYP revealed the last or seventh member for the new girl group on November 19th, which is Lily. JYP really saves the best for the final as Lily is the most anticipated trainee under JYP to debut.

To see their covers, you can check them out on the JYPn Official YouTube channel.

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