Junji Ito Mangas That You Should Definitely Read

If you’re an avid manga horror reader, reading Junji Ito’s works will never fail to impress you. From Junji Ito’s unique and detailed art, his horror imagery will keep you up at night with paranoia.


1. Tomie 

Tomie is a classic horror manga that everyone should read at least once in their lives. This iconic manga follows Tomie Kawakami, a mysterious young woman graced with a beauty who is capable of bewitching men into being madly in love with her.


Tomie has several different forms aside from her normal human form, often depicting her in some gruesome and hideous forms, for example, ten of her heads sprouting from underneath the carpet.


In each story, Tomie often uses emotional manipulation to characters to kill each other over her in gruesome and violent murders or drive women insane from envy.


2. Uzumaki

The story of Uzumaki centers around spirals, which are part of a cursed supernatural event haunting a small and quiet Japanese town called Kurouzu-Cho. The spiral curses nearby citizens, causing them to have a fixation with spirals – or become paranoid of them.


As Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito experiences the curse affecting their town, Shuichi’s parents both become victims of the spiral curse, and their deaths cause Shuichi to become shut-in.


Despite his parent’s death, Shuichi gains a power that allows him to detect the location of the spiral curse until his girlfriend, Kirie Goshima gets affected by the spiral curse, which makes her hair spiral.


3. Gyo 

For those who like to go fishing, this story adds a little twist to that. Upon a crew of fishermen, after they’ve caught a huge catch, they noticed that the fishes seem odd… as in the fishes have unorthodox legs growing out of them.


Tadashi and his girlfriend, Kaori visit Okinawa and encounter a fish with legs during scuba-diving. Kaori quickly becomes disturbed by the smell emanating from the fish.


The next day, not only fishes with legs invade the town but other marine life – such as a great white shark growing out legs as well, which starts the reign of terror.

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