Joy Boy Finally Appears After Long Wait in “One Piece”


After a long wait, One Piece readers finally get to see the identity of Joy Boy – an important figure from the Void – 900 years from the current events in the manga. In Chapter 1043, Joy Boy makes his appearance.


Joy Boy is a relevant figure dating back to the Void Century and was first mentioned on the Ryugu Poneglyph that was read by Nico Robin.


Other than the appearance of Joy Boy, another figure appeared. Zunesha, who is a giant elephant that carries the island of Zou – home of the Mink tribe – on its back, appeared in the latest chapter.


It was revealed that 800 years ago, Zunesha was Joy Boy’s companion as told by Oden’s son – Momonosuke. At the end of chapter 1043, we can see Zunesha’s wide and white soulless eyes creepily staring ahead, along with Luffy critically injured on his back – defeated.



Despite Luffy being seriously injured, the panel reveals Luffy to be grinning along with Zunesha exclaiming that Joy Boy has returned. The panel reveals Luffy’s body to be possibly manifested by Joy Boy.


This raises several theories from fans on who the enigmatic figure of Joy Boy could be. One of the theories suspects that Luffy’s devil fruit; Gomu Gomu no Mi, as fans guess that Joy Boy might have inherited it in the past.


Other fans predict that Luffy and his devil fruit might have an awakening, similar to what happened to Doflamingo’s devil fruit – Ito Ito no Mi.


Other fans think that Luffy is a reincarnation of Joy Boy or that Luffy will experience a vital personality and appearance change after Joy Boy manifested in his body.


The various fan theories stirred up Twitter with a lot of discourse and even some fans made a full-length video about the possible theories. However, this intense cliffhanger left fans at the edge of their seats at the worst time, as the next One Piece manga chapter will be updated in 2 weeks.

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