Jordan Vogt-Robert’s Gundam Live-action Teaser

For the last 3 years, the legendary Gundam (1979) franchise has been building up for the live-action adaptation. Jordan Vogt-Robert, who’s helming the Kaiju-verse (Godzilla), and issued to be helming the Metal Gear Solid live-action, will be taking charge of the Gundam live-action movie. As of today, Netflix has released the teaser concept image for the movie.

I can’t even contain my excitement following the announcement of this series on Netflix. Gundam has taken over the hearts of many, young and old alike. With the creation of GUNPLA and the sale of the merchandise alone, Gundam hype is never going to be tamed down. 

By the look of the image, we can tell that the mobile suits look very badass. Being giant mechanical robots, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Gundam always deals with the trauma of war. With their big guns and rocket boosters, we understand for a fact that these are weapons of mass destruction. The sad thing is, other than the teaser image, we barely have any information about the cast of the live-action series.

Gundam has already become a legend of its own, having already won so many hearts in the recurring series and franchises. With Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway, the hype for the series hasn’t even died down. With the teaser image alone, we can only imagine what Amuro and Char are going to look like. I hope that Jordan Vogt-Robert does this franchise, as well Metal Gear Solid, justice.


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