Joker Might Be Banned From Japan Due to Influence on Violence

Joker is potentially banned from Japanese media due to the recent stabbing incident on Tokyo train. Last month, October 2021, it was reported that a man wearing the Joker costume during Halloween wounded around 18 people with a knife on a Tokyo train.

The suspect was immediately apprehended by the police on the scene. He admitted that he did this because he is a fan of Joker from the Batman franchise during the investigation.
According to the police, the 24-year-old man, Kyota Hattori, confessed he has the desire to murder people to get a death sentence. He has had the death wish since June this year.

In the film, directed by Todd Philips, there was indeed a scene where Joker murdered someone on a train. Thus, as reported by Hype Beast a while ago, Joker could potentially raise a controversy that may cause the film to be prohibited from screening.
While the speculation is not confirmed yet, Joker is predicted to get a hard pass from the Japanese authorities.

In 2019, the same anxiety also arose before the day of the Joker premiere in the United States. The US Army and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) came down to guard the event at that time. The cinema management also prohibited the use of costumes during the screening.

The anxiety was not without a cause. Back in 2021, a fatal mass shooting took place during the screening premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. Around 12 people were killed on the spot by a man who started shooting right in front of the screen.

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