Joji Releases A New Single Entitled “Glimpse of Us”


Joji, a viral Internet sensation turned music artist, has released his first single in two years with his new song ‘Glimpse of Us’. It came out on 10th June 2022.


Joji was formerly the YouTuber Filthy Frank, a persona who was very offensive and had a whole host of characters played mostly by himself. He was the mastermind behind the viral trend ‘Harlem Shake’ back in 2013.


When he played Filthy Frank, he did release some music under one of his characters, Pink Guy. It was very techno/dubstep based with a catchy beat and often either very deep thought-provoking lyrics or offensive wacky lyrics.


Since he ended his YouTube career, Joji signed with the music label 88Rising and released a multitude of popular songs, including the TikTok trending song of 2020 ‘Slow Dancing in The Dark (originally released in 2018).


The new track ‘Glimpse of Us’ follows the trend of Joji’s songs as it is about lost love or an ex who moved on and he hasn’t yet let go of her or their relationship as he sees his ex in his current girlfriend.


It is a slow ballad of a song with piano accompaniments and his unique voice pulling the piece together. This is a departure from his career as Pink Guy, but perhaps that is the point. He has moved on from his old career and has a fresh start.


It is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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