Johnny vs. Amber: An Update


Today Johnny Depp’s credibility took a nosedive as Amber Heard’s defense got a chance on the stand.


With testimony declaring Depp a jealous man, the actor’s ex-friend of nearly four decades, Bruce Witkin speaks on his insider knowledge. Witkin stated that Depp had been this way with past partners, and also went on to say that he had seen bruises on Heard’s arm once. He also admitted to never having seen any abuse between the couple, though he had seen his old friend sporting a fat lip.


Ellen Barkin, actress and ex-girlfriend of Depp, also spoke on the stand of his controlling behavior back when they dated in the 90s. A lot of emphases was put on Depp’s substance abuse, with his past agent as well as his former business manager putting the actor on blast for his behavior and drug problem.


Heard’s friends and family rallied around the actress today as her sister took to the stand to denounce Depp. Having lived in one of Depp’s apartments, Heards sister Henriquez had a lot to share in the couple’s tumultuous relationship. Beginning with testimony that Depp had cheated on Heard when they were still married, she spoke of how this knowledge sparked a heated argument that ended with violence; on both sides.


A friend of Heard also spoke in her defense, stating that she had photo proof of bruises Depp had left on Heard. One incident, she told the court, involved Depp head-butting Heard in the face, insisting that often her friend had been hurt by her ex-husband.


While this may potentially swing the outcome of the hearing back to Heard’s favor, it is unlikely that public opinion has differed that drastically. If you’d like to watch the rest of the trial click here. It begins again on Monday.

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