Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Trial Against Amber Heard.


The defamation trial that had been going for a while finally reached its conclusion on Thursday, 2nd June 2022. Amber Heard had previously accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence and abuse. The op-ed which accused Depp of “intimate partner violence” was published in The Washington Post by Amber Heard in 2018. These allegations were denied by Depp but his career and reputation still encumbered huge losses.


In the wake of the Metoo movement, Amber Heard presented herself as a victim of domestic abuse and representative of every other domestic abuse victim. However, this false allegation was challenged by Johnny Depp who filed defamation against Amber Heard, claiming 50 million US dollars.


The trial presented various pieces of evidence, including a recording of Heard’s voice. All of this evidence proved how Johnny Depp was the victim in the said case and that Amber Heard was the abuser. The trial was globally televised and many supporters of Johnny Depp came to the front. People started using the hashtag justice for Johnny Depp to show their support.


Johnny Depp was previously pulled down from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise where he played the popular role of Jack Sparrow and from the Fantastic Beasts franchise where he played Grindelwald. He testified in court how the public accusation by his ex-wife has tainted his public image which he would carry for the rest of his life no matter what the outcome of the trial was.


The issue of pseudo-feminism is also brought to the surface through Heard and Depp’s case.


Despite there being no clear evidence in the past, Depp had to suffer public humiliation solely because of the false accusations made by Heard. However, the justice has been restored through the recent verdict in the Depp vs Heard case and we hope that Johnny Depp can resume his old life and slowly make an appearance on the big screen for his loyal fans.

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