Jeff Fowler Loves Sexy Knuckles

Sonic 2 Knuckles 

Sonic 2’s director, Jeff Fowler, said he loved the sexy Knuckles memes, even though he didn’t expect them.

If you follow my articles, you’ll know that I talked about the Sonic 2 poster. Now, an official trailer dropped at the Game Awards, and everyone is hyped for it. In the trailer, they revealed recurring characters, but they also showed Knuckles, a highly anticipated character.

Idris Elba is voicing the echidna, and that’s where the memes come in. Some people, mostly haters, didn’t like Elba voicing Knuckles. However, everyone else disagrees and loves him already from his couple of seconds in the trailer. As someone who saw the trailer and other voice actors, I think he’s a pretty good fit.

Now, whether you like Idris Elba or not, a lot of people think that he has a great voice. In fact, they say that he has a voice that would steal any girls attention. In an interview with Comicbook, Jeff Fowler brought up how he loved fans calling Knuckles sexy because of Elba’s voice.

“Oh my gosh. There are some things you just can’t anticipate. I love it so much, and my wife just loves it so much. Last night, she’s literally just passing me her phone and pulling up all these sexy Knuckles. It’s hilarious and wonderful and perfect. So, yeah. No one could have expected that would be a line of conversation happening out there, but I’m very glad that it is,” Fowler said.

Elba, on the other hand, stated that he wasn’t trying to make Knuckles sexy. It was just his voice that made him that way. Alongside the sexiness, though, he also has a touch of intimidation.

The first Sonic was pretty great. A lot of people say that they make Sonic ugly and fixed it to get people’s attention. I thought they would do the same for the second movie, but they didn’t. Now, we have to see if it’s as good as the first.

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