Japan earthquake: At least two dead after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake

Late Wednesday night, a 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan, killing at least four people, wounding over 100 others, and shutting down power to millions of additional people. A bullet train derailed, although no passengers were injured.

On Thursday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency lifted a tsunami warning. Officials stated the magnitude 7.4 quake occurred in the exact location as the one that caused the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, but it was not harmed this time.

According to Japanese authorities, the earthquake occurred at 23:36 (14:36 GMT) on Wednesday, at 57 kilometres (35.4 miles).

Moreover, a spokesman from the local disaster prevention office stated that one of the victims was a man in his 60s living in the city of Soma.

According to the agency, an 8-inch tsunami reached the shoreline of Japan’s Miyagi prefecture around an hour and a half after the earthquake struck, which urged people in impacted areas to keep away from the coast.

According to Kishida, a bullet train derailed near Fukushima due to the earthquake, but no injuries were reported. Seventy-eight people were stranded for four hours when the high-speed train crashed, according to national broadcaster NHK, but escaped safely by an emergency exit. Passengers and crew were left on board for four hours before they could evacuate.

According to Kyodo News, victims injured in the earthquake were rushed to a hospital in Fukushima’s Soma city. The number of people injured was not specified. Tokyo Electric Power announced that all of Tokyo’s power had been restored.

The Meteorological Agency warned the public on Thursday to watch for possible significant seismic activity in the coming days. According to Masaki Nakamura, an officer with the agency, people in affected areas should stay away from the coast and not join the sea until tsunami advisories have been withdrawn. He also warned people to be aware of the dangers of mudslides.an

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