Japan again applied social restrictions because Omicron surged

Japan again applied social restrictions because Omicron surged

Japan Omicron protocols awareness. (source:idx channel).

The Japanese government is expected to approve the application of restrictions regarding the Corona virus (Covid-19); in most of its regions, including the capital city of Tokyo. This step follows a surge in Corona’s case; which scores a record due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. (As reported by AFP).

However, the Minister of Corona Virus Affairs, Daishiro Yamagiwa told local journalists, experts supported the policy of placing 13 Japanese regions’ under quasi-emergency steps from January 21 to February 13. No further mention of which regions will be under quasi-emergency steps. However, three Japanese regions, have undergo a restrictions due to Corona. After detecting a massive surge in cases, relating it back to United States military base.

Quasi-emergency steps will allow each regions to decide on each and specific steps to be applied. However, local media reported that restrictions would likely include shorter operating hours for bars and restaurants, also limiting the sale of alcoholic beverages. A very contagious Omicron variant has triggered a surge in Corona in this country, with a national daily case through 30,000 cases for the first time this week.

Even so, Japan is classified as insignificant Corona is too severe than most other countries. So far a total of 18.400 deaths from Corona were came from Japan. In which government had neglectfully avoiding tight lockdown protocols; since the beginning of the pandemic.

But government officials and experts are worrying if the case surge will burden the Japanese medical system. Although, more than 78% of the Japanese population; now has been completely vaccianted. But only 1.2 percent of the population had received a booster vaccine injection.

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