Jackson Wang Drops A New Single “王嘉尔 Jackson Wang”

Jackson Wang starts off his 2022 by releasing solo music. 

It has been a hot minute since Jackson released a solo. The last single he did solo was the hit ‘Drive You Home’. Since then, he has been working with J.Seon, Karencici and ICE to form PANTHEPACK.

However, on January 11, the singer release a single with a title that is just his name ‘王嘉尔 Jackson Wang’. The lyrics contain some very sad truths about his life and journey being a Chinese K-POP idol.

Jackson says in this tweet: ​”If u have a little time, A little curious about who i really am… Plz listen. This is me Jackson Wang 王嘉尔”

What’s in this track anyway?

In this song, Jackson had 100% creative control from the lyrics to the production of the animated music video. This was because he wanted to release something that is from the bottom of his heart and not something commercialized. The music video is very simple but it is very deep on another perspective.

Many of his fellow artists had a say on this song on Weibo as they reposted Jackson’s post and inserted nice comments. Two that stood out in particular were the reposts from fellow Chinese K-POP idols THE8 and JUN of SEVENTEEN. It stood out because if anyone were to understand his journey, it would be them.

It is also said that this song is the first released song from Jackson’s upcoming all-Chinese album.

Watch and support Jackson’s music video here:

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