IVE Releases ‘LOVE DIVE’ Comeback Music Video


IVE just released their comeback music video, ‘LOVE DIVE’ this Tuesday, April 5.


‘LOVE DIVE’ is the title track for IVE’s 2nd mini-album also titled ‘LOVE DIVE’. Compared to their previous comeback with ‘ELEVEN’, ‘LOVE DIVE’ is more of a daring and chic song compared to the powerful ‘ELEVEN’.


This time, the concept of the music video leans more towards the pink and blue color palette with a dreamy and soft vibe.


The outfits worn by the girls in the music video ranged from typical school girl outfits to chic blue dominating outfits.


The mini-album consists of only two songs, ‘LOVE DIVE’ and ‘ROYAL’.


The physical ‘LOVE DIVE’ photobook albums are available in 3 versions: Version 1. (Red and white colors), Version 2. (Blue and yellow colors), and Version 3. (Pink and purple colors).


Jewel albums are also available in 6 versions with each individual IVE member on the cover of the album.


IVE has already performed their first stage performance of ‘LOVE DIVE’ with the fashionable school-girl outfit used in the music video.


The performance was held during IVE’s ‘LOVE DIVE’ Showcase that was streamed on YouTube Live on Tuesday, April 5. Fans get to watch the press conference, as well as the live performance.


Not only that, but ‘LOVE DIVE’ also ranks #17 on MelOn TOP100 2022 as the highest debut for a group from the 4th generation of K-Pop.


Fans can also look forward to IVE’s mentioned party in the ‘LOVE DIVE PARTY’ that will be held on 1theK’s Official Twitter account. The mentioned party will be on Wednesday, 6 April at 8:30 (KST).


Watch ‘LOVE DIVE’ below!

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